Speech, Language and Literacy

This free, live webinar is an interview with Lauren and Eilis, speech pathologists from SPOT Paediatrics at Seacombe Gardens, South Australia about the importance of and inter-relationship between speech, language and literacy. We will be discussing the following:

 Who are SLPs?  
What is Speech?  
How do we make sounds?  
Typical speech sound development 
What is Language?  
Receptive Language 
Expressive Language  
Developmental milestones  
What can interfere with speech and language development?

Lauren joined the Adelaide community in 2014 following her relocation from the USA.  Lauren obtained her Bachelors degree from Michigan State University followed by a Masters degree at The University of Vermont. Post university, Lauren completed her clinical fellowship in Seattle, Washington at a multidisciplinary practice specializing in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As a SPOT Paediatrics Director and Speech Therapist Lauren has a broad range of experience across a variety of ages and diagnoses.  She’s passionate about tailoring treatment to fit each individual she works with in order to provide the best possible outcome for all.

 As a SPOT Paediatrics director and Speech Therapist Eilis has extensive experience working with children of all skill levels and diverse needs. She has worked for DECD in metropolitan and regional positions, far north rural communities, a special school and private practice throughout South Australia. Eilis values the hard work and effort put in by teachers and feel that together teachers and speechies have a very important role to play in language learning and literacy. Eilis very much enjoys her role as a speech pathologist particularly when children and parents have that ‘lightbulb’ moment and something clicks!

This workshop is suitable for special education, early childhood, junior primary, primary, secondary educators, including assistants, and parents.

All participants who stay to the end of the webinar will receive a certificate aligned to the Professional Standards for Tecahers.