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Special Education Planning offers researched based professional learning sessions in special education. The professional learning sessions provide the foundation for successful planning in special education, either as a classroom teacher, support staff, school leader or relief teacher.

“I found the session really informative and enjoyed that you covered all types of strategies for different behavioural needs. I found it really beneficial for you to mention/list the different resources available. This session will definitely improve my one on one sessions with students and I look forward to attending some more of your seminars”

Chandra Payne School Services Officer

Differentiation in the Classroom

This live webinar is a conversation with Chris Grzesik who will share simple strategies for differentiating the curriculum that are effective for all students.  Incorporating differentiation into the classroom is one of the greatest struggles that …Read More »
This workshop focuses on how to provide a supportive learning environment for children/ students with autism through the following areas: Sensory processing  Behaviour and positive behaviour support plans Communication, echolalia, visual supports and key word …Read More »
This is a hands-on workshop so bring your fully charged iPad or computer and learn how to utilise free online tools and accessibility features built into the device. The development of reading comprehension relies on several …Read More »
This workshop is for educators who teach children/ students with tricky or challenging behaviour. The three presenters will provide practical and relevant ideas to implement positive behaviour support for children/ students with autism or other …Read More »
This workshop focuses on how to provide a supportive learning environment through evidence based educational practices. Topics addressed in this workshop are: Evidence based learning– we will discuss the definition of evidence based practices, how …Read More »
The presenters of this workshop are Eilis and Lauren, speech pathologists from SPOT Paediatrics at Seacombe Gardens in South Australia.PRESENTATION: The role of an SLP, what do SLPs do? Summarise outline of session What is …Read More »
This webinar is a discussion of doctoral research within the South Australian context on partnership between parents of children with disabilities and schools. It will begin with an outline of the research on the importance …Read More »
This presentation focuses on collecting data to inform decision making in the NEP  or One Child/ One Plan process. We will cover: What is data? Why should we collect data? What is important to think …Read More »
Workshop:In this workshop, participants will become familiar with some tools for differentiating curriculum content so that all students can experience deeper learning. A system created for the purpose of keeping track of options for differentiation …Read More »
This live, free webinar provides practical and relevant ideas to implement positive behaviour support for all children. Positive behaviour support is an evidence based method where appropriate behaviour is increased and behaviour that interferes with …Read More »