What educators are saying about our workshops…

The speakers were really engaging. I loved learning about something new. It was really eye opening and I am excited to implement my new knowledge in the classroom. Being given notes is awesome. Thanks. I would recommend.

Aimee Eberhard

Workshop was excellent-touched on lots of interesting topics- thank you for the handouts which I will read later, especially ABA. Wonderful presenters.

Janet Hedditch

Full of information and examples, scenarios and ideas to take away. Talk time at the end of the session was good to be able to discuss different strategies.


I liked the theory behind ABA. We use it at our centre so it was great to learn the behind the scenes.

Claire Morichaud

I liked the way the professional learning was presented with strategies to support behaviours.

Amelia Pickard

The professional learning provided great coverage of ABA, antecedent interventions & reinforcement and good use of examples to reinforce concepts that are practical to use in the classroom.

Sue Sandford

Clear and to the point. Relatable to school environment. Do-able.

Marie Foreman

Very well presented. Working in a group at the end to discuss the case studies and practise information learnt.

Olivia Hutchings

This professional learning was a good refresher of the Positive Behaviour Support topic I completed at Flinders Uni a few years ago.

Tristine Bridges

I liked the examples during the slideshow. Breakdown of behaviour management strategies used now and overtime and how they have/ haven’t worked.

Alison McConachy